Starting a business soon? Here are 3 Types of Insurance your company is Going to Need as You Grow

The fast-paced nature of the startup world means that entrepreneurs often overlook the insurance products necessary to protect a growing company. Insurance should be viewed as, and maximized like, any other company asset.  While getting insurance can be a nuisance and unwanted expense, the alternatives - having no insurance, or getting the wrong coverage - can cripple your... Continue Reading →


Insider Tips to Naming Your Business

Lesson from  Mike Kappel    In Getting Started I’ve started several companies in my 30 years of business. Currently, I’ve got five up and running, though that says nothing of all the businesses I’ve seen flatline or get renamed. In all, I’ve named dozens of businesses and products, and folks, I’m here to tell you,... Continue Reading →

Strategies to Grow your Food Manufacturing Company in 2017

As the new year starts, we’re being inundated with the usual horror stories about failing economies and collapsing industries, all of which make business owners around the world worry about the future.The industry is notoriously volatile, with business prospects ebbing and flowing on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis, and there’s absolutely no doubt in... Continue Reading →

5 Things Startup Investors Look for Before Investing – Lesson from Arie Abecassis (Entrepreneur and Investor)

Many entrepreneurs get anxious when it comes to raising outside capital for the first time. The process is not for the meek, as most experienced investors tend to be smart, skeptical and diligent in reviewing opportunities presented to them. Despite the wide variety of startups they may see, the truth of the matter is that... Continue Reading →

It’s all start with that VISION

So I was recently honored to be featured in She Leads Africa Entrepreneur Spotlight platform where I shared my view and a bit of experience as a woman in Agriculture and Manufacturing industry in Tanzania. I invite you to take a look here #SheLeadsAfrica "You decide the things that ultimately you do. You can do anything... Continue Reading →

5 Tips To help you Plan your Resolutions in 2017

"The only thing worse than starting something and failing… is not starting something." Seth Godin It has been a BIG year. An improved business/product. Exciting new clients. Growth. These are words that we would love to happily say as there are only few days left in 2016 and start a new year. It’s about now... Continue Reading →

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