BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR DOESN’T NEED TO BE COMPLICATED; Find simple, effective, profitable business ideas!


As entrepreneurs we often tend to complicate “winning” We make things bigger, scarier and more complex in our minds than they need to be when it comes to our businesses. There are certain fundamentals to every business. We often complicate the simple instead of simplifying the complex.

You need three things to create a successful startup: to start with good people, to make something customers actually want, and to spend as little money as possible. Most startups that fail do it because they fail at one of these. A startup that does all three will probably succeed ~ Paul GRAHAM

Winning is simple when you don’t complicate things!

The truth is, you don’t need to have the largest fountain of knowledge or experiences to use it to your advantage. What you actually need is confidence to apply the skills that you have (or can learn). Unfortunately, most people do the reverse; they spend all their life acquiring more skills and experiences that they’ll never use.

What is your passion? Are your natural abilities in cooking, writing, organizing, farming or influencing people? Do you have a basic but specific knowledge of a trade, product or market? That is all you need. Even if you don’t have the knowledge or skills, but have a strong interest and passion for it, you can learn it.

There are several free platforms on the internet where you can learn anything for free these days. Check out this article to learn more;  Learn for FREE

You can take out a sheet of paper and write a list all the things you know and can do quite well. Remember, you don’t have to be the best at any of them.

Most of the things on your list are likely to be things you’ve known all your life, and can do almost effortlessly, but you’ve always taken for granted. People may have probably praised these abilities but you never gave too much thought to it.

Think deep, they can’t be that far away.

Build on Needs!

If we could make and do all the things we need, there would be no need for any business on earth. If you could make your own tooth paste, build your own house, manufacture your own car and refine your own petrol, there would be no need to get on the market to buy these things. And because we cannot produce everything we need to function in our lives, we have to rely on businesses to cater to our most basic needs: food, shelter, clothing, communication, transportation, information, employment, entertainment etc.

Because life in our modern society is nearly impossible without some of these things, needs are compulsory!

From the time we wake up in the morning, these needs set in and we are more than grateful to pay someone a reasonable price to get these needs satisfied. That’s how many businesses make money; they satisfy a need and make money in the process.

The interesting thing is, businesses that cater to people’s needs hardly ever go out of business.

Why? Because it’s almost impossible to live a ‘normal’ life if your most basic needs are not met. That’s why people will always spend money to have their needs met.

Make a list of needs for different consumer segments: children, housewives, bachelors, school kids, farmers, big companies, small businesses, governments and many more!

If you can fill a need, the market will reward you quite handsomely.

Learn from Others!

Success has the power to inspire success.

Most times, all we need is proof that something can be done. Success definitely has an inspiring effect on the human brain. When you see what other people like you have achieved, there’s bound to be an ‘I can do that too’ reverberation somewhere in your head.

Studying the success of other people feeds your imagination, ambition and competitiveness. It helps to open your mind to what’s really possible.

There are hundreds of African entrepreneurs who are building amazing businesses, and creating jobs out of simple ideas. The key is to admire their success and see how and what you can learn from them.

Many of these successful entrepreneurs started from nothing but were able to achieve amazing business success. Their inspiring stories expose opportunities in agriculture, consulting, entertainment, waste recycling and many other sectors.

Make no mistake, success is a formula that can, and should be, copied. This is exactly why many people love to read Forbes Magazine to see who’s in the list of the World’s top millionaires. We want to know what kind of businesses they run, how they made their money and what they’re all about.

Admiring these people is good, but learning from their success and applying it to your business life is more important!

Be a fixer!

Most businesses on earth exist to fix problems.

Interestingly, the natural human reaction to problems and challenges is to complain, blame, curse and criticize. That’s what many people do.

While these actions enforce your rights of free expression, they hardly provide any solutions to problems.But entrepreneurs see problems differently. That’s why we’re unique people. We see business opportunities in every problem. We think of solutions instead of whine about our difficulties.

And because most people are frustrated by problems and challenges, they would gladly pay anyone with a solution to get it solved.

Have you ever had car trouble before? If you’re like most people, you definitely hate a car that won’t start or an ugly noise in the engine that could be the sign of something catastrophic. I definitely hate car trouble!

But you see, for a mechanic, car trouble means an opportunity to make money. Because an auto technician has the solution to your car trouble, you would gladly pay him to get it solved for good.

One person’s problem is often another person’s opportunity.

Simple is Powerful. Don’t complicate winning in business, keep your eye on the ball and keep it smart and simple.


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