Chase the DREAM not the COMPETITION

I came across this cordial post written by  Dare Dreamer Magazine from my  read Pins and find it worth sharing.

Do  you look at the work of  your colleagues/competition (including how they run their business) and long “to be like them”? Do  you find yourself getting so caught up in one competitor in particular it drives you batty? Well, it’s good to be driven by competition. It’s what keeps companies on their toes to always better their product and their service. But don’t be so obsessed with your competition that you lose sight of what you really should be aiming for: your dream. Whatever that may be.

So here’s  the challenge for  you:

  1. Dream it: if  you don’t already have one, create the image of your dream. Write out in detail what you want for your business and your life. Attach some pictures to it. Make it real. (For us it’s a Skywalker Ranch style compound called “Dare Dreamer Ranch,” or DDR for short.)
  2. Set it: set a date for when you plan to achieve that dream. It may be one year. Two years. Twenty years. But SET A DATE. (DDR’s date is about ten years hence).
  3. Forget ’em: that is, your competition. For one month, don’t look at any competitor’s work, read any article or forum posts about a competitor, etc. Put all your energy and effort into figuring out what’s necessary to achieve your dream.

I hope you are inspired and learn as i am.


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