“Passion” The Ideal ingredient for Your Best Business Idea.


More people than ever are looking to become entrepreneurs – in fact, a recent article on Forbes even suggested that everyone will have to become an entrepreneur. There are many reasons for this – from the financial point of view, to the lack of a ‘job for life’, to simply having a different outlook on employment from previous generations.Whatever the reason, if you’re looking to become an entrepreneur, the reality is that every business starts with an idea.

But how do you come up with the perfect business idea for you?

What is your Passion?

The starting point for any business idea is to consider what you really love doing. What grab your interest?

What do you constantly question or keep coming back to?

It might be that you are passionate about good customer service, or about systems and planning – which you will want to put at the heart of your business model. Example The late Dame Anita Roddick of The Body Shop brought to her business her knowledge gained from international travel, along with a passion for reusing and recycling packaging learned from her mother.

Or it could be bigger than that.

You may have come up with an entirely new product or service that will revolutionize the marketplace. Chances are that, if you do have that new product or service, it was created directly from an area that you feel passionately about changing.

Why is passion so important in business?

If ultimately, you don’t feel passionately about your idea then it will be difficult – if not impossible – to turn it into a business.

You’ll be less likely to stay up nights working on your business and figuring out how to get it market if you don’t actually care about it.

You won’t stand out from the competition and, perhaps most importantly, you’ll struggle to engage others (i.e. your customers) with your idea if you are less than fully engaged with it yourself. If your business idea doesn’t fire your interest, you are unlikely to give it your all.

Alongside planning for success and working hard, being PASSIONATE about what you do is one of the main reasons that entrepreneurs cite as helping them to be successful.



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